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Welcome to Digo Krishi || Data Center

Digo Krishi is simply an ICT-based tool providing all the information regarding Conservation Agriculture, CASI technologies and its components being used for the sustainability of the Agriculture. This tool creates an ease for the agriculture students, service providers and all the agricultural stakeholders to reach out for the available information and technologies in the market regarding Agriculture. Efficient use of the ICT based tools, strategies and CASI based technologies in the agricultural sector is the main objective of Digo Krishi.

DreamWork Solution, an ICT company providing services for various national, international, private, government and non-governmental organisations, has come up with the project Digo Krishi with the collaboration of national and international agencies as NARC, CGIAR, ACIAR, CIMMYT.

Feel free to contact us for any further details.

Kiran Bamanu: 9855024158

Susanta Poudel: 9855048277

Aayush Raj Dhakal: 9849991724